The difference between PET and PP veterinary plastic vaccine bottle material

Jul. 06, 2021

As a common packaging for veterinary drugs, plastic bottles for veterinary drugs are made of various raw materials, and the functions and characteristics of different materials are also different. Among them, PET and PP are two materials that are more widely used. So, what is the difference between these two materials?

The difference between PET veterinary plastic bottle and PP material

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Barrier: There is not much difference in the barrier properties of PET and PP materials. Both can withstand the erosion of most acid and alkali solvents, have low gas and water vapor permeability, and are relatively light in quality. Toxic and tasteless, not easy to break, is a good raw material for making veterinary medicine plastic bottles.

The difference between PET and PP veterinary plastic vaccine bottle material

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Transparency: Both PET and PP have a certain degree of transparency. The difference is that PP material is semi-transparent, while PET material has higher transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and has better gloss.
Heat resistance: The heat resistance of pure PET is not high, and the heat distortion temperature is only about 85°C, but it is greatly improved after strengthening. PET has good aging resistance, the embrittlement temperature is -70℃, and it still has a certain degree of toughness at -30℃. The PP material has higher heat resistance, and the use temperature range is -30~140℃, but its flexibility is poor and it is easier to age at low temperatures.

The difference between PET and PP veterinary plastic vaccine bottle material

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Generally speaking, the difference between PET and PP is mainly reflected in transparency and heat resistance. When making veterinary medicine plastic bottles, PET is mainly used to make large-capacity injection bottles and traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid bottles, and PP can be used to make vaccine bottles. , High temperature and high pressure bottles or veterinary plastic bottles that require terminal sterilization.

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