Which drugs are suitable for veterinary drug plastic bottles

Jul. 07, 2021

With the continuous development of the properties of various polymer materials, veterinary drug plastic bottles have become the main packaging form of various veterinary drugs due to their advantages of light weight, easy processing and forming, not fragile, and durable. So which medicines can this packaging be used for?

Which drugs are suitable for veterinary drug plastic bottles

plastic injection vial

Liquid preparations: At present, liquid preparations are one of the more common types of veterinary medicines, such as oral liquids for traditional Chinese medicine, injection preparations, vaccines, disinfectants, etc. These medicines can be packaged in veterinary plastic bottles. However, it should be noted that some special preparations are easy to decompose when exposed to light. Brown bottles are generally used when choosing veterinary packaging to prevent light exposure and ensure the stability of the drug. Disinfectants have high barriers to packaging, and the choice of materials is mostly based on high barrier (EVOH) to prevent the packaging from reacting with the solution.
Powder: Compared with liquid preparations, the amount of powder used in veterinary drugs is not large, but plastic bottles of veterinary drugs are still selected for packaging. This is because powders are generally more susceptible to moisture. Compared with bags, plastic bottles have better The moisture-proof performance of the package, and you can put a desiccant inside the package to absorb the moisture inside the package and keep it dry.
Generally speaking, the application of veterinary drug plastic bottles in veterinary drug products is still relatively common. Incineration can also be handed over to relevant local authorities for recycling.

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