Intramammary Syringe

Size Chart

G0105mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap
G0018mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap
G00510mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap
G00213mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap

Intramammary syringe is consist of three components: barrel, cap, one-plunger. Udder injector is made of PE material and there are four size including 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 13ml. All can be with printing on barrel.

Intramammary Syringe

Advantage of intramammary syringe:
Ultra glide barrel and plunger
EO sterilization
Excellent sealing 
Self-venting barrels with “lead-in” aid for easy fill


Intramammary syringes have a soft needle, making them exceptionally well-suited for the cow mastitis injector. 

Printing: printing your design label on the barrel 

Free samples: we can offer free samples for customers to have a test

Customization: we can offer design and open new mold for customers

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