Paste Syringe

Size Chart

G01510mlPE&PPbarrel, plunger, cap, ring
G01415mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring
G00620mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap
G003 30mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring
G00460mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring

Paste syringe is consist of four components: barrel, cap, plunger and dosing ring. Veterinary syringe is made of PE material and there are four size including 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml. All can be with printing on plunger or barrel.

We can also offer customization for you

Veterinary Paste Syringe

Advantage of paste syringe:
Dial a dose plunger ensures exact amount is dispensed
EO sterilization
Excellent sealing 
Self-venting barrels with “lead-in” aid for easy fill


Veterinary paste syringes have a wide nozzle, making them exceptionally well-suited for the oral administration of gels, creams and vitamin pastes to horses, pets, domestic animals and sheep. 


Printing: printing dosing on plunger and printing your design label on the barrel

Free samples: we can offer free samples for customers to have a test

Customization: we can offer design and open new mold for customers.

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