What is the function of the positioning ring on paste syringe

Jul. 05, 2021

The paste syringe is a special kind of medicine packaging, mainly used for the packaging of dairy cow mastitis medicine, pet nutrition ointment, cockroach medicine and other medicines. Sometimes we will develop a small circular ring on the push rod. This part What is its function?

What is the function of the positioning ring on paste syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

The design of the paste syringe comes from the original syringe, and adds the function of storing medicine on the basis of injection. Its composition mainly includes a sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. The ring on the push rod is the positioning ring, and its main function is to determine the dose of medicine. For example, pet nutrition ointment and dairy cow endometritis drugs require relatively high doses of drugs. If the drugs are excessive or too small, it is not conducive to the health of the animals. The design of the positioning ring can make the dose of the drug more accurate.
Generally, packages equipped with a positioning ring will print a scale on the push rod at the same time.  After the drug dosage is determined according to the medication instructions, the positioning ring is fixed at the standard scale. The push rod will stop and continue to advance when it reaches the position of the positioning ring. Achieve precise drug delivery. Of course, not all horse syringes are equipped with a positioning ring. For example, when used for cockroach medicine, the medicine is applied in a spot, and there is no special requirement for the accuracy of the medicine.
The positioning ring makes the dosage of the paste syringe more accurate, thus realizing the scientific feeding of pets. Its functionality is being used by more and more medicines, such as camel nutrition ointment and horse oral paste.

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