Functional Packaging Solution

Customer area: Australia
Cooperation time: 2017

In 2017, the customer cooperated with our company for 5ml prefilling, and the customer was very satisfied after using it.

Mass production started at the beginning of 2018, considering that the customer's products are viscous liquids and most of the users are Australians. We recommend that customers increase the diameter of the push rod and needle, and increase the size of the tail to improve the user's physical sense. After 4 solutions with customers, the final solution was determined. After the product upgrade, the terminal market responded very well. 

Customer area: Australia Cooperation time: 2017

Customer area: Middle East
Cooperation time: 2017

In 2017, a customer from the Middle East came to our company and reported that her products were leaking from the packaging of many manufacturers. They asked us for non-leaking products. We actively cooperated with customers to find the cause of leakage from the perspective of problem solving, and finally passed Customer liquid medicine granular substance, find the possible cause of leakage. R&D and production are linked to develop solutions. After 3 conference calls, a new outer tube and piston were finally developed to help customers solve the problem of liquid leakage on the production line. After the product was updated, there was no previous leakage within 3 years. The current customer is using it well.

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