Material characteristics of plastic packaging bottles

Apr. 22, 2021

Plastic packaging bottles are currently a popular packaging form in the market, such as food, medicine, beverages, daily necessities, and many other fields. What are the characteristics of such a common type of veterinary packaging in terms of materials?

Material characteristics of plastic packaging bottles

plastic injection vial

The commonly used materials of plastic packaging bottles are mostly polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and other polymer materials. These materials have strong corrosion resistance, do not react with acids and alkalis, and can hold different The acid-alkaline substances ensure good characteristics in use. In addition, there are the following features:

Material characteristics of plastic packaging bottles

EVOH/COEX bottle

1. Non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for all walks of life;

2. The manufacturing cost is low, which can reduce the production cost of the enterprise;

3. Light texture and strong mechanical properties, which can well protect the contents and facilitate transportation;

4. Durable, waterproof, with strong plasticity, can be processed into different shapes;

5. Good insulators can have important insulating properties when generating power;

Material characteristics of plastic packaging bottles

twin neck bottle

The above are some general characteristics of commonly used materials for plastic packaging bottles. In addition, different materials also have their own unique advantages, such as polyester material with high transparency; polypropylene has good high temperature resistance and can be used at around 100 degrees. ; Polyethylene has excellent flexibility and aging resistance, etc. It is processed into different types of plastic packaging bottles according to different material properties and used in various industries.

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