Raw material characteristics of plastic bottles-polypropylene

Apr. 25, 2021

Plastic packaging bottles are not unfamiliar to us. They are widely used in all walks of life due to their light weight, non-breakable and price advantage. Among the raw materials used in plastic packaging bottles, polypropylene (PP) is one of the four general-purpose thermoplastic resins (polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and polystyrene).

Raw material characteristics of plastic packaging bottles-polypropylene

50ml PP injnection vial

Polypropylene is a polymer formed by polyaddition reaction. It is white waxy, transparent and light in appearance. It can be used in the range of -30~140℃. It is resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis, salt solutions and a variety of organic solvents. It is widely used In the production of clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical equipment, automobiles, bicycles, parts, pipelines, chemical containers, etc., plastic packaging bottles are mainly used for bottle caps or small-capacity liquid bottles.
The above are the basic properties of polypropylene materials. In practical applications, silicate, calcium carbonate, silica, cellulose, glass fiber, etc. can be modified by filling modification, blending modification, and reinforcement modification. The filler is filled in the polymer to achieve the purpose of improving the heat resistance of PP, improving the strength, and reducing the molding shrinkage rate. Some veterinary drug manufacturers require transparency in plastic packaging bottles when choosing packaging. They can use the crystal tendency of rapid freezing to obtain transparent films, such as pet insect repellent drops bottles, but products with a certain wall thickness should be made from polypropylene Start with the crystallization laws and influencing factors, such as vaccine bottles.
In addition to polypropylene, there are many raw materials for plastic packaging bottles. Various materials have different properties and advantages. They are processed into bottles with different shapes, colors and functions, which play an important role in people's lives and veterinary packaging.

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