Why veterinary syringes are receiving more and more attention from veterinary drug companies

Jan. 14, 2021

The plastic syringe is a new type of veterinary packaging developed in the 1990s that has both the functions of preparation packaging and syringes. It is relatively common in the medical field. It can be stored as high-end pharmaceutical packaging and used directly for injection or in ophthalmology and otology. , Orthopedics and other surgical irrigation. With the continuous upgrading of packaging, many veterinary drug companies have also begun to use veterinary syringe packaging, especially for dairy cow mastitis and pet nutrition ointment drugs.

Why veterinary syringes are receiving more and more attention from veterinary drug companies

5ml  cow mastitis syringe

Veterinary pre-filling and filling device is generally made of plastic material, made by injection molding process. It is composed of tube sleeve, push rod, piston, positioning ring and protective cap. Its biggest feature is the pre-filling of the liquid medicine in the syringe. This can reduce intermediate links, effectively avoid contamination of the liquid medicine, and minimize liquid medicine residues. On the other hand, according to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies, a scale can be marked on the push rod and matched with a positioning ring to achieve precise injection.

Technological innovation has allowed various new packaging to emerge in an endless stream, but the law of survival of the fittest in the market will not change. Good packaging must be a product that is generally recognized by the market in terms of functionality and applicability, and good products must be matched with good packaging to win market. The pre-filled perfusion device is favored by more and more veterinary drug companies, which is an inevitable trend for drug packaging technology innovation and pharmaceutical companies to improve product competitiveness.

Animal husbandry is a pillar industry that supports my country’s economic development. Various large-scale breeding policies have promoted the development of veterinary drug companies and pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers to a certain extent, and have also put forward higher requirements for the development of the industry. The product in this market context. The market is changing rapidly, and perhaps in the near future there will be newer packaging to replace the syringe.

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