The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the National Animal Disease Compulsory Immunization Program in 2021

Jan. 13, 2021

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "National Animal Disease Compulsory Immunization Program for 2021". The "Plan" announced vaccines against highly pathogenic avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, pete ruminant disease, brucellosis, hydatid disease and other immune diseases The catalog requires that the compulsory immunization of animal diseases nationwide in 2021 should be effectively implemented.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the National Animal Disease Compulsory Immunization Program in 2021

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At present, the breeding industry in my country is constantly developing and progressing. The breeding method has gradually changed from traditional free-range breeding to large-scale breeding. The scale of breeding continues to expand and the efficiency of breeding continues to improve. At the same time, the probability of animal diseases during the breeding process also follows. improve. The country attaches great importance to the prevention and control of animal diseases. For animal diseases, prevention and control is the key. Among all preventive measures, early vaccination is the most powerful measure to reduce the occurrence of animal diseases.

Vaccines refer to biological products that are used for vaccination after inactivating or attenuating pathogens or their antigenic substances in order to prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of diseases. According to the different types and production requirements of the farms, higher requirements are put forward on the types and quality of vaccines.

The research and development and production capacity of animal vaccine manufacturers are similar, so the key point of vaccine quality control falls on the vaccination effect. The storage environment of the vaccine, the quality of the vaccine bottle and the rigor of the vaccination process will all have an impact on the vaccination effect. First of all, the vaccine bottle used as its packaging must meet the relevant standards of veterinary drug packaging; secondly, the storage environment of the vaccine should be stored in accordance with the requirements to avoid the deterioration of the vaccine due to too high or too low temperature; the last is the vaccination process, confirm whether the vaccine bottle is leaking Pay attention to disinfection during liquid and process to avoid pollution and affect the effect of vaccination.

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