The specific process of vaccine bottle sterilization

Jan. 15, 2021

Vaccine immunization is the key to preventing animal diseases and reducing the incidence of infectious diseases. With the vigorous development of my country's animal husbandry, the supervision of vaccines and related pharmaceutical packaging materials by relevant national departments has also increased. For the storage of vaccines, the sterility of the vaccine bottles has a direct impact on the immune effect and the safety of livestock, so how to sterilize the vaccine bottles?

The specific process of vaccine bottle sterilization

100ml PP transparent vaccine bottle

Vaccine bottles must meet the requirements of sterility. First, the production environment must be a clean workshop. The clean workshop has strict requirements on the internal temperature, humidity, and exhaust system to ensure the sterility of the vaccine bottle production process; secondly, the factory area should have A sound inspection system strictly controls the product quality to ensure the microbial content of the product; finally, it is necessary to carry out a secondary sterilization treatment after the production of the product is completed. At present, the main sterilization method is ethylene oxide sterilization. The bacteria process is as follows:

1. Warming up and preheating:

1. Set the sterilization temperature to 55°C and the water tank temperature to 65°C.

2. Turn on the heating and circulating pump switches, and generally preheat for 4 hours.

2. Dosing:

1. Before adding medicine, pump to 20kpa negative pressure.

2. Set the dosage and add the medicine slowly. (Small warehouse 8 kg, large warehouse 10 kg).

The selection of a vaccine bottle is a very rigorous process, which is related to the immune efficacy of the vaccine and the economic benefits of the breeder. It is not only the sterility of the veterinary packaging, but also the compatibility of the drug, the resistance to falling, the sealing property, and the permeability. High-quality packaging can add points to brand influence and increase vaccine sales.

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