Veterinary drug packaging protects drug safety

Mar. 04, 2021

With the continuous improvement of regulatory policies for the veterinary drug industry, the industry's emphasis on veterinary drug packaging has also increased. In fact, the importance of veterinary drug packaging is not only reflected in the protection of drug safety, but also plays an important role in maintaining brand image and preventing counterfeit and inferior products from mixing in the market.

Veterinary drug packaging protects drug safety

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Veterinary drug packaging is a container used to store drugs, including packaging boxes, plastic bottles, packaging bags and other forms. On the one hand, its role is to protect the integrity of drugs and facilitate circulation. On the other hand, veterinary drug packaging can ensure the effectiveness of the drug within the specified period and prevent the drug from becoming damp.

Veterinary drug packaging protects drug safety

In addition, veterinary drug packaging also has the function of anti-counterfeiting. Brand veterinary drugs generally have their own unique anti-counterfeiting logos. For example, some authentic bottled veterinary drugs will have anti-counterfeiting logos on the bottom of the bottle, which are invisible under normal circumstances and need to be seen with anti-counterfeiting lights, while counterfeit products generally do not have such logos. This function effectively blocks the unfair competition caused by counterfeit drugs disrupting the market and maintains the brand image of veterinary drug companies.

Veterinary drug packaging is the last threshold for veterinary drugs to enter the market. Its importance is self-evident. It seems inconspicuous, and it has a lot of knowledge. Although there has been a significant reduction in counterfeit veterinary drug products, veterinary drug companies should still take anti-counterfeiting measures when choosing veterinary drug packaging, maintain their brand image, and make counterfeit veterinary drugs invisible.

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