Select the right packaging for pet nutrition cream

Mar. 03, 2021

With the continuous growth of the pet food market, the importance of pet packaging has become more prominent. This is mainly due to the importance of pet owners to pet health and the continuous popularization of scientific knowledge behind pet nutrition. Pet nutrition cream is a common pet health food. Many pharmaceutical companies will encounter the problem of excessive residues when choosing pet nutrition cream packaging. In fact, this is because the packaging has not been selected.

Select the right packaging for pet nutrition cream

15ml syringe for pets

Many cats and dogs who are weak and need nourishment, doctors will recommend feeding nutritional cream, which is an important part of pet owners' consumption, if the packaging is easy to remain, it will cause unnecessary waste. At present, the nutrient paste packaging on the market mainly has a tube form similar to toothpaste packaging and veterinary syringe packaging. Among them, the paste syringe is gradually replacing the tube packaging and has become the choice of more and more pharmaceutical companies.

The pets syringe is composed of a pipe sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring or a protective cap. The protective cap is opened when in use and can be fed directly, which is convenient, fast and reduces residue. In addition, the design of the positioning ring can accurately feed a single feeding amount, helping pets to feed scientifically. Therefore, the infusion device has an unparalleled advantage over the hose packaging that has more residues and is easy to be bitten by pets.

From the current point of view, nutritional cream packaging in the form of a perfusion device is more likely to stand out in the market. Pharmaceutical companies should comprehensively consider the convenience of use and user experience when choosing pet nutrition cream packaging. Good veterinary packaging should not only meet the characteristics of drugs and consumer needs, but also increase the competitiveness of products and help companies in brand image promotion. development of.

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