"Technical Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Common Pig Diseases in Spring" Released

Mar. 05, 2021

On March 4, the China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center issued the "Technical Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Common Pig Diseases in Spring", requiring all localities to strengthen the diagnosis and monitoring of the disease, make good use of vaccine immunization methods, strengthen sanitation and disinfection measures, and biological safety management, and do a good job in death. The prevention and control of common diseases of pigs in spring shall be done in such ways as the harmless treatment of pigs.

"Technical Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Common Pig Diseases in Spring" Released

PE vaccine bottle

The document provides a detailed description of the epidemic characteristics and prevention and control measures of multiple swine diseases in spring, including piglet diarrhea, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, swine fever, porcine pseudorabies, porcine parvovirus disease, porcine circovirus disease, porcine foot-and-mouth disease, piglet Common diseases such as asthma, porcine infectious pleuropneumonia, and Haemophilus parasuis disease. The document specifically pointed out that vaccination work should be done in advance for epidemic diseases such as pseudorabies in pigs and pig foot-and-mouth disease.

It is worth noting that the vaccine bottle can ensure the stability of the vaccine during its validity period. Only by selecting high-quality vaccines and formulating scientific and reasonable immunization procedures can the overall immunity of the pig herd be improved. When vaccinating live pigs, pay attention to whether the vaccine bottle is damaged, whether it is loose or leaking, and whether the vaccine has expired, and use it in strict accordance with the usage, dosage, and immunization route specified in the instructions.

The used veterinary packaging should not be discarded at will, and should be treated collectively to avoid secondary pollution of the pig farm. The spring climate is changeable. In the case of improper feeding and management, low level of biosafety management, and inadequate sanitation and disinfection work, pig farms are prone to various diseases. Strengthening the prevention and control of frequent and frequent diseases in spring is to improve the level of biosafety. , Necessary measures to help stabilize the production and supply of live pigs.

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