Pay attention to these points in veterinary drug packaging design

May. 08, 2021

Veterinary drug packaging is an important part of drugs. It plays a key role in drug information transmission and safety protection. Especially in the design of veterinary drug packaging, if the design is not paid attention to, it will not only be harmful to the promotion of its own brand, once the label, Errors in the logo will cause unignorable consequences to the market. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in the design of veterinary drug packaging:

Pay attention to these points in veterinary drug packaging design

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1. Simplify the complexity
The design of veterinary drug packaging should be intuitive, especially in this fast-paced era, most people will not spend too much time on packaging browsing, so the packaging design should be simplified, and the product design The description is clear and clear, so that the buyer can understand the purpose of the medicine at a glance.

Pay attention to these points in veterinary drug packaging design

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2. Reflect the efficacy and characteristics of drugs
In order to facilitate identification, veterinary drug packaging will show the drug's efficacy and effects to the purchaser, and some drugs are already reflected in the name. In addition, the characteristics of the product must have a distinct visual performance that matches it to attract the attention of buyers. For example, for different animals such as sheep and pigs, it can be emphasized on the packaging. This is also a way of communicating with buyers. Effective way.

Pay attention to these points in veterinary drug packaging design

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3. Eye-catching brand identity
The brand identity of veterinary drug packaging is an effective measure for pharmaceutical companies to promote themselves. Generally, the appearance of packaging should include information such as drug name, characteristics, production batch number, and expiration date. How to highlight brand elements in a limited space is a key issue that pharmaceutical companies need to consider. For example, it can be achieved by enlarging the brand name, creating strong color contrast, and personalized font design.
With the emergence of various new packaging materials and packaging forms, veterinary drug packaging will usher in better development in design, technology, equipment, quality and other issues to adapt to the continuous changes in the market.


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