Application of double neck bottle in PH buffer

May. 10, 2021

As a new type of packaging container, the two-neck bottle has a unique double-neck design that has been widely used in liquid packaging, especially liquids that need to be diluted. PH buffer is one of them.
PH buffer solution is an important concept in inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry. Buffer solution refers to a solution that can maintain the relative stability of pH. The pH value does not change significantly due to dilution or the addition of a small amount of acid or alkali within a certain range. The buffer solution has different pH values and buffering capacity according to the amount of conjugated acid-base pairs and their substances.

Application of double neck bottle in PH buffer

twin neck bottle 1000ml

PH buffer is generally used to measure the dosage with the help of a volumetric flask. The double neck bottle adopts a unique packaging design and has the functions of liquid storage and measurement. When using, just gently squeeze the bottle body, and the buffer will be It enters the labeled metering bottle through the catheter. The single metering capacity ranges from a few milliliters to tens of milliliters. The specific capacity varies according to the size of the package. Each time you use fresh buffer, the rest will not be contaminated. . This design is convenient to use, reduces the intermediate link of the buffer solution being poured into the volumetric flask separately, avoids pollution, and is a good storage and metering container.
In addition to the packaging of PH buffer solutions, twin-neck bottles are also widely used in pesticides, disinfectants, herbicides, fluorescent leak detectors, etc.

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