Detection of residue on ignition of veterinary syringe

May. 08, 2021

With the continuous improvement of various production processes, the types of veterinary drug packaging tend to be diversified, and the veterinary syringe has been favored by the market due to its convenient use and less residue. As the packaging of direct contact drugs, plastic syringes also have their corresponding quality standards, of which the detection of residues on ignition is a very important one.

Detection of residue on ignition of veterinary syringe

intramammary syringe

Ignition residue is an important indicator to measure some pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers, and it is also a necessary inspection item for quality testing. The purpose is to control the inorganic impurities in the packaging materials. For some plastic pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers, lubricants, antioxidants, brighteners, translucent agents, etc. are often added in the production process. In order to strictly control the amount of these substances added, it is necessary to conduct ignition residue inspection.


Detection of residue on ignition of veterinary syringe

paste syringe

Regarding the burning residue detection of veterinary syringe, there is a clear description in the standard T/CVDA 1-2019 "Prefilled Plastic Breast Injector for Veterinary Use": Take 2.0g of the needle tube and determine according to law ("People's Republic of China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia" 》2015 Edition Two General Rules 0841), the remaining residue shall not exceed 0.1% (the remaining residue of the bottle containing sunscreen shall not exceed 3.0%).
Regarding the detection of ignition residues of veterinary syringe, different countries have different testing standards. The differences are mainly reflected in the crucible ignition method, sample size, ignition temperature, and use of sulfuric acid. The purpose is Ensure the product quality of the veterinary horse syringe to ensure that it will not adversely affect the medicines contained.


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