Vaccine bottles help the rapid and healthy development of pig breeding

Jan. 28, 2021

Pig breeding is an important part of the animal husbandry industry. At present, my country's breeding industry is gradually becoming large-scale. Pig farms have a high incidence of diseases. Respiratory problems, foot-and-mouth disease, and diarrhea are the most troublesome problems for farms. If the disease breaks out, it will affect the healthy growth of pigs, and in serious cases, it will spread the disease and bring serious economic losses to the pig farm. Early immunization through vaccines is an effective way to reduce the incidence of animal diseases. In addition to the immunization process and vaccine efficacy, the immunization effect is related to the quality of the vaccine bottle is also an important factor affecting the immunization effect.

Vaccine bottles help the rapid and healthy development of pig breeding

plastic small injection vial

Vaccine bottle is a container specially used to store veterinary vaccine, which plays a vital role in the safety and stability of vaccine. Qualified vaccine bottles are the key to ensuring the immune effect of animals, so how do veterinary drug manufacturers choose vaccine bottles? Generally, considering the material, production process, tightness, and sterility of the vaccine bottle, qualified vaccines should meet the relevant quality standards in the industry. In addition, the compatibility with the medicine must be considered. If the vaccine bottle reacts with the medicine, the vaccine will be contaminated and deteriorated, which will affect the immune effect.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the live pig stock will continue to grow rapidly in 2020. Various localities have actively implemented various policies and measures to stabilize the production and supply of live pigs. Newly built and expanded farms have been completed and put into production, which has effectively promoted the continuous recovery of live pig production capacity. At the end of 2020, the national live pig stock was 46.5 million, an increase of 96.1 million over the end of the previous year, a year-on-year increase of 31.0%. The live pig stock has increased sequentially for five consecutive quarters.

From the data point of view, my country's pig breeding maintains rapid growth. How to promote the healthy development of the industry while ensuring rapid growth is a severe test for farms, veterinary drug manufacturers, and vaccine bottle suppliers.

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