How to choose better veterinary drug packaging

Feb. 01, 2021

With the completion of the revision of the 2020 version of the "Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia" and the "New GMP", the veterinary drug industry has entered an era of stricter supervision, and the related veterinary drug packaging industry will also face greater challenges. There are many veterinary drug packaging companies on the market, and the product quality levels are not uniform. How can veterinary drug companies choose better packaging?

How to choose better veterinary drug packaging

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Applicability refers to the characteristics of a product suitable for use. It is a broad concept, including material aspects, such as physical properties, chemical composition, etc.; it also includes operational aspects, such as whether the operation is reliable, safe, and convenient to use; time Aspects, such as service life, accuracy retention, reliability, etc.; appearance aspects, such as beautiful appearance, packaging quality, etc.

How to choose better veterinary drug packaging

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The applicability of veterinary drug packaging is mainly considered from the aspects of product material, functionality, convenience and overall appearance. Common materials currently used for packaging of veterinary drugs include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other materials. Choose suitable materials according to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies. If terminal sterilization is required, polypropylene materials can be selected. If packaging transparency is required , Can choose polyester material... In terms of functionality, it can be confirmed by communicating with the manufacturer of the drug packaging material according to the needs of the drug; secondly, the convenience of the farmers in the drug delivery process should be considered, especially for the more frequent use Medicines, such as seasonal vaccines, are easier to cultivate the user's habits; the last thing to look at is the overall appearance of the packaging. A comfortable appearance will add points to the sales of medicines.

With the strengthening of the supervision of the veterinary drug industry, the importance of veterinary drug packaging has become more and more prominent. Pharmaceutical companies should fully consider the importance of packaging when choosing veterinary drug packaging.

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