Use of Antibiotic Dry Cow Tubes

Nov. 08, 2021

Type of tube used should be determined by:

1.The bacteria that have caused mastitis during the last lactation. It is always useful to analyse a number of mastitis samples or milk samples from high cell count cows during each lactation to build up a picture of which bacteria are present on your farm.

Use of Antibiotic Dry Cow Tubes

5ml intramammary syringe

2. The length of the dry period 42vs 60 days

You should start by “treating” those teats that are farthest away from you. The antibiotic dry cow tube should be inserted carefully into the prepared teat end for the minimum distance and contents injected into the teat cistern. The antibiotic preparation should then be gently milked up towards the udder. If not using Orbeseal the teats should be dipped in a post milking teat preparation as soon as possible after tube insertion. Use of Orbeseal either on its own or in combination therapy. Teats should be prepared as described above prior to insertion. It is important to remember that Orbeseal must remain in the teat cistern to be fully effective and to be easily removed at the start of.

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