Method of ORBESEAL in the Dry Period

Nov. 09, 2021

Method of ORBESEAL in the Dry Period

1. Starting with the teat nearest you, insert the Orbeseal syringe nozzle into the teat canal, firmly grasp the base of the teat at the udder attachment and slowly inject the contents of the intramammary syringe. If teats are short it may not require all the contents of the syringe to be inserted. If the product is forcefully inserted into the teat then when releasing the grip at the base of the teat some of the contents will escape into the gland cistern and problems may arise. One syringe must be used per quarter, even if the full contents of a syringe are not totally used.

Method of ORBESEAL in the Dry Period

5ml syringe for cow mastitis 

2. Insert Orbeseal into the nearest teats first to minimise contamination of teats that have not been treated.

3. Apply a post milking teat dip to cover 90% of each teat

4. Mark each treated cow and move them away from the milking herd.

5. Treated animals must be allowed to stand for 30 minutes to allow the teat ends to close properly.

Post Calving

To remove Orbeseal, take the top of the teat, pinch tight and hand strip the entire quarter ten to twelve times prior to the first milking. It is good practice to strip and check the foremilk carefully for the first few milkings for any evidence of remaining particles.

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