Application of Twin neck bottle in Fluorescent Leak Detector

Apr. 26, 2021

Two neck bottle is a new type of packaging container. It consists of two mouths of a volumetric flask and a metering bottle. It is mainly used for the packaging of disinfectants, pesticides, herbicides and other solutions that need to be diluted. Fluorescent leak detector is one of them.

Application of Twin neck bottle in Fluorescent Leak Detector

twin neck bottle


Fluorescent leak detector is a special detection solvent. It uses the principle of emitting bright yellow and green light under the irradiation of ultraviolet/blue leak detection lamps. It is used for various types of boilers, heaters, pumps, sprinkler systems, storage tanks, pipelines, etc. Fluid leakage in the system is detected. When in use, you only need to add fluorescent agent in a certain proportion to the system. After the system runs for 20 minutes, put on special glasses and illuminate the outside of the system with a leak detection lamp. The leak will show yellow fluorescence.

Application of Twin neck bottle in Fluorescent Leak Detector

1000ml twin neck bottle

This kind of solvent generally needs to be diluted according to a certain proportion when in use. In order to save the intermediate operation process, the fluorescent leak detector is mostly packaged in a double-necked bottle with a metering bottle. When in use, open the cap of the measuring bottle with graduations, squeeze the bottle body with both hands lightly, the fluorescent leak detector will enter the upper measuring bottle through the tube, squeeze it to the required measurement to stop, and then set the small The fluorescent leak detector in the measuring bottle is poured into the system to complete the operation.
The double-mouth bottle has a unique design and has a metering function that ordinary bottles do not have. It is more convenient and faster to use. It is a good storage container. With the rapid development of various new processing technologies, the functions of double-neck bottles will also continue to improve, serving more products and enterprises.

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