Three sterilization methods for veterinary vaccine bottles

Jan. 25, 2022

Regular vaccination of animals can produce antibodies in their bodies, which is an important way to prevent and control the spread of animal diseases. To ensure the safety of vaccine storage, veterinary vaccine bottles must be sterilized. There are three commonly used sterilization methods for packaging:

Three sterilization methods for veterinary vaccine bottles

100ml PP vaccine bottle

Three sterilization methods for veterinary vaccine bottles

100ml PP vaccine bottle

Three sterilization methods for veterinary vaccine bottles

250ml PE vaccine bottle

1. Ethylene oxide sterilization: Ethylene oxide (EO) is a colorless gas at normal temperature and pressure, condensed into a liquid at 4°C, and has a boiling point of 10.4°C, with high chemical activity and broad-spectrum high efficiency. Bactericidal effect, is a broad-spectrum sterilant. When ethylene oxide acts, its cyclic structure is broken, and after hydroxylation, it is alkylated with active groups such as amino, carboxyl, and hydroxyl groups on the protein in the bacteria, so that the enzyme metabolism process is hindered, thereby destroying the bacteria. Metabolism, causing the death of microorganisms, to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

2. High temperature and high pressure sterilization: high pressure steam sterilization, high temperature and high pressure sterilization, can not only kill general bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, but also kill spores and spores. It is the most reliable and widely used physical sterilizer. Bacteria method. If this sterilization method is chosen, the veterinary vaccine bottle must have high temperature resistance.

3. Cobalt 60 sterilization: The irradiation of 60Coγ rays acts on microorganisms, directly or indirectly destroying the nucleus of microorganisms, thereby killing microorganisms and playing a role in disinfection and sterilization. It is one of the irradiation sterilization techniques, in which gamma rays produced by the radioisotope cobalt 60 irradiate the packaging.

The above are three sterilization methods often used for veterinary vaccine bottles. Among them, ethylene oxide sterilization is the most frequently used one. After the sterilization is completed, the sterilization effect needs to be monitored to ensure that there is no impact on the packaging. Vaccine-safe microorganisms.

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