How to Use a Plastic Syringe to Feed a Horse

Jan. 20, 2022

Horse deworming medicine is one of the commonly used drugs in horse farms. Its dosage form is generally paste. In order to facilitate administration, plastic syringes are selected on the packaging. The horses are huge, how to feed the horses?

How to Use a Plastic Syringe to Feed a Horse

60ml horse paste syringe

Many people may think that deworming horses is a trivial matter, but the fact is that all horses carry internal parasites more or less. It may have been infected with parasites, and the consequences can be serious if not treated in time. Feeding deworming medicine to horses can be done as follows:
Step 1: Weigh the horse, you can use a soft ruler to calculate the approximate weight of the horse.
Step 2: Adjust the scale of the deworming medicine: The dosage of the deworming medicine is determined according to the body weight, and the deworming medicine we buy is generally larger than the dosage of a horse. According to the estimated weight, we find the prefilled syringe plunger The scale on the top is fixed (if the deworming medicine is fed less, it will not work, it is recommended that you use a little more than the standard dosage).
Step 3: Inject the deworming medicine deep into the horse's mouth and push the push rod for administration.
Step 4: Raise the horse's head and let the horse swallow the deworming medicine.
Plastic veterinary syringes are a very convenient package to use, if you find that your horse doesn't like medication and tends to shy away from syringes, coat the outside with applesauce or other food they like to make it easier for the horse to accept.

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