Three inspection rules for veterinary syringes

Jun. 17, 2021

The veterinary syringe is a special package for dairy cow mastitis drugs, pet nutrition cream, horse nutrition cream and other drugs. There are different standards for different veterinary packaging in the industry, but the inspection rules are the same, and they are divided into factory inspection and type. The three methods of inspection and supervision and inspection are applied to different scenarios.

Three inspection rules for veterinary syringes

paste syringe

Factory inspection means that each batch of veterinary horse syringes has been inspected by the manufacturer's quality inspection department and can be delivered only after the product qualification certificate is attached. The inspection items include the appearance quality, tightness, lubricity, ignition residue, and dissolution of the product. , Decolorization test, residual ethylene oxide, sterility, abnormal toxicity, etc.
Supervision and inspection are the activities of the national quality supervision agency to conduct sampling inspections of manufacturers in accordance with regulations.

Three inspection rules for veterinary syringes

dial a dose syringe

Type inspection refers to the comprehensive assessment of product quality, that is, the inspection of all the technical requirements specified in the product standard. In general, new product filing, product re-production after major quality accidents, supervision and random inspection, and resumption of production after product shutdown are all subject to type inspection. It is required to carry out a type inspection at least once a year, and some special items such as ignition residues, leachables, and ethylene oxide residues shall be inspected at least once within six months.
Although the inspection requirements and time are different, these inspection rules are to better guarantee the product quality of veterinary syringes, ensure drug safety, and avoid packaging quality problems that affect animal health and treatment effects.

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