These four misconceptions exist in the use of disinfectants

Sep. 28, 2020

Mistakes in the use of disinfectant:

1. Disinfection in case of epidemic and not in case of no epidemic. Many farms are in the vicinity of the outbreak or the birds are sick into disinfection, usually did not adhere to disinfection work, or disinfection is not strict.

2. It is believed that infectious diseases will not occur again after disinfection. Although undertook disinfection, but can not receive thorough disinfection effect certainly, this is concerned with the disinfectant breed that chooses, quality of disinfectant and disinfection method. Disinfection also only is a measure of the prevention and control disease, many pathogens can be through the air, the birds, mice and other media, and also can make the environment a lot of different kinds of pathogenic microorganism reproduction, so must regularly, positioning and thorough disinfection, specification, at the same time combining immunization in a planned way, to get satisfactory results.

These four misconceptions exist in the use of disinfectants

disinfectant bottle

3. The stronger the smell of disinfectant, the better the disinfection effect. The quality of disinfection effect is mainly related to its bactericidal ability and spectrum. At present, some advanced disinfectants in the world generally have no pungent odor, such as povidone iodine, polyalcohol ether iodine, chlorine dioxide, etc. On the contrary, some strong smell, irritant disinfectant, there is disinfection blind area, and smell strong, irritant disinfectant on livestock and poultry body respiratory tract, body surface and other damage, but easy to cause respiratory diseases.

4. The disinfection is not strict or standard

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