Choose the right route of administration to easily cure cow mastitis

Jan. 18, 2021

Dairy cow mastitis occurs from time to time in dairy cattle breeding. Because of clinical diseases such as breast necrosis caused by mastitis, producing cows lose their productivity and are eliminated. This not only seriously affects the economic benefits of farmers, but also causes bacteria to be carried in milk products and harms the milk. The product is safe, causing hidden dangers to people's dietary health.

Choose the right route of administration to easily cure cow mastitis

5ml cow matitis syringe

The key to controlling the incidence of dairy cow mastitis is prevention. Once the disease occurs, accurate diagnosis, rapid isolation, and timely treatment must be done. The route of administration is an important factor that affects the therapeutic effect of mastitis. In clinical treatment of dairy cow mastitis, the routes of administration mainly include intramammary perfusion, systemic administration, mixed therapy, transdermal administration, local block therapy, and oral administration. Wait.

Breast perfusion, also known as local administration, is the most commonly used treatment method for cow mastitis at home and abroad. This method uses a prefilled syringe to directly inject the drug solution into the diseased breast area through the breast catheter, so that the drug directly acts on the pathogenic area or the diseased area in the breast area, and has high local drug concentration, fast, efficient, simple and easy to implement And other characteristics, suitable for the treatment of various types of mastitis.

Although the effect is obvious, there is a certain risk of using a veterinary syringe to infuse the breast. Therefore, it must be strictly disinfected to prevent bacteria and fungi from being introduced into the breast area. Regardless of the route of administration, to achieve a complete cure for mastitis, the drug must reach the breast and achieve an effective bactericidal concentration in the milk. In practical applications, one or more administration routes can be flexibly selected at different physiological stages to effectively control mastitis and improve the economic benefits of dairy farming.

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