The key to early immunity to chicken respiratory diseases

Feb. 22, 2021

Respiratory diseases are an important factor threatening the healthy production of poultry. Such diseases are infectious to a certain extent. Disease outbreaks in farms will affect the entire chicken flock and bring huge economic losses to farmers. How to prevent and control poultry diseases is a concern for many farms. It is the inescapable responsibility of many veterinary drug packaging companies to improve the quality of vaccine bottles, serve more pharmaceutical companies, and help the development of the breeding industry.

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Common chicken respiratory diseases include Newcastle disease, mild avian influenza, spreading, rhinotracheal ornithosis, mycoplasmosis, etc. Because the cause is complex and easy to recur, poultry respiratory diseases should be treated with prevention as the primary supplement, supplemented by treatment, combined with prevention and treatment Comprehensive measures.

From the perspective of farm management, farmers should keep cold and warm according to climate change and reduce cold stress. Disinfect the breeding environment regularly, and treat sick and dead chickens in a harmless manner to ensure the environmental hygiene of the chicken house.

To effectively reduce the incidence of chicken respiratory diseases, we should start from the root cause, strengthen the pre-immunization work, and enhance the overall immunity of the flock. It should be noted that the tightness of the vaccine bottle is related to the immune effect of the vaccine. The integrity of the vaccine bottle should be confirmed before vaccination to ensure that the vaccine can achieve a good vaccination effect.

Winter and spring are the frequent seasons for chicken respiratory diseases. Doing a good job in disease prevention and control and improving the overall efficiency of the farm is the foundation of promoting the healthy and stable development of the aquaculture industry. It is also the common responsibility of pharmaceutical companies and vaccine bottle manufacturers.

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