Application of syringe in cockroach gel

Feb. 08, 2021

Cockroaches are one of the main pests in cities. They love warm love and live in places with many cracks, such as cracks in doors and walls. In order to eliminate the problem of cockroaches, cockroach medicines have also appeared, and there are many types, mainly divided into chemical, physical, biological, natural, etc., one of which is a paste-like bait packaged with a cockroach syringe is recognized by the market.

Application of syringe in cockroach gel

5ml gel syringe

Cockroach-killing gel bait is different from traditional sprays and baits. It is a way to kill cockroaches by compounding cockroach-killing medicine with bait, attractant, preservative, etc. in a certain proportion to make a poisonous bait that cockroaches love to eat. , It is suitable for various places, such as hospitals, shops, hotels, computer rooms and various electrical equipment. It has the characteristics of long duration, chain cockroach killing, odorless, and low pollution.

The packaging of this kind of medicine is generally in the form of a syringe, which is composed of a tube sleeve, a piston, a push rod, and a protective cap. When using, first remove the protective cap of the cockroach syringe, and apply the bait to the cockroach infested and spotted by injection. Concealed places, such as gaps, corners, corners, inside electrical equipment, etc. Cockroaches sucking the bait will die soon after returning to the nest, and the poisoned carcasses will be eaten again, forming a cycle. Soon the cockroaches will all perish.

The high-quality and convenient packaging of the perfusion device and the highly effective medicine make it possible to eliminate cockroaches more thoroughly. In fact, it is not only used in cockroach medicine, but also in veterinary medicines such as dairy cow mastitis, pet nutrition ointment, and uterine perfusion.

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