The importance of syringe in the treatment of dairy cow mastitis

Apr. 27, 2021

Dairy cow mastitis is a common disease in the process of dairy cow breeding, which can cause the quality of milk production to decrease or stop. In severe cases, it can lead to mastectomy and loss of lactation ability. In the current treatment methods, the clinical effect of intramammary syringe through the syringe has been recognized by domestic and foreign farmers.

The importance of perfusion device in the treatment of dairy cow mastitis

intramammary syringe

The udder injector is a new type of packaging that combines the functions of drug storage and injection. The syringe is used in the packaging of common dairy cow mastitis drugs, endometritis, pet nutrition ointment, and cockroach medicine on the market. Breast perfusion is a local administration method, and it is also a common treatment method for the treatment of cow mastitis at home and abroad. The working principle of this treatment method is to directly inject the drug into the diseased breast area through the syringe, so that the drug directly acts on the pathogenic area. This local administration method has the advantages of high drug concentration, fast, simple and easy to implement.
The udder part of dairy cows is more sensitive, and the treatment method of the syringe is convenient to use. It eliminates the need to draw the medicine into the syringe and effectively reduces the possibility of secondary infection of the udder of the dairy cow. To reduce drug residues to a certain extent, it is an efficient and convenient treatment method.
The udder injector not only plays an important role in the treatment of dairy cow mastitis, but also plays an important role in the packaging of medicines such as horse oral paste and pet nutrition cream. With the continuous advent of various processing techniques and new materials, the function of the veterinary syringe will also be continuously improved in the upgrading.

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