The importance of pet nutrition cream syringe in the market competition of pharmaceutical companies

Mar. 11, 2021

As the number of pet owners continues to increase, the pet economic market in China and even the world has gradually expanded. Pet hospitals, pet grooming, pet food and other subdivisions are developing rapidly. Among them, pet nutrition cream, as a rigidly needed item, has become the focus of competition among many pharmaceutical companies. How to seize more market share? You can start from the pet nutrition ointment syringe.

The importance of pet nutrition cream syringe in the market competition of pharmaceutical companies

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Pet nutrition cream products on the market are divided into two categories: health-care and therapeutic-type. They are mainly used for competition dogs, working dogs, pregnant dogs, lactating female dogs, surgery and after illnesses that require pets'daily nutrition or physical energy consumption. Dogs in recovery period, elderly dogs with poor digestive function, etc. In terms of product efficacy, the products of major pharmaceutical companies are basically the same. There are many types of products on the market and different brands. How can they be favored by consumers and win a larger market? Many companies have taken a different approach and found a breakthrough in pet nutrition ointment infusion devices.

Pet nutrition cream syringe is a special package, which is composed of tube sleeve, push rod, piston, protective cap or positioning ring. Compared with ordinary aluminum-plastic tube packaging, this kind of packaging is convenient to use, and it can be carried out directly after opening the protective cap. Feeding, the design of the positioning ring makes the dosage per feeding more accurate and scientific. Therefore, some pharmaceutical companies have chosen this kind of packaging that is more suitable for consumers' feeding needs.

The competition of pet nutrition cream is more of a competition to cultivate consumer habits. Obviously, the many advantages of veterinary syringe make it easier for consumers to become dependent on the product, and then become a long-term consumer of the product. This long-term consumption is also a process in which pharmaceutical brands continue to penetrate the market.

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