What are the quality requirements of pet nutrition syringe

Mar. 09, 2021

Pet nutrition cream is a fast-replenishing type of nutrition, mainly used for the recovery of physical fitness of dogs and cats after surgery and illness, and can also regulate appetite and supplement daily nutrition. As people pay more and more attention to pets, the requirements for pet nutrition ointment syringe are getting higher and higher.

What are the quality requirements of pet nutrition ointment infusion device

15ml oral paste syringe

At present, there are many kinds of pet nutrition cream products on the market, but their health care effects are basically the same. High-quality and functional packaging has become the key for pharmaceutical companies to improve their product competitiveness. As a kind of exclusive veterinary packaging, pet nutrition cream syringe should meet the following quality requirements:

1. Sterility: The pet nutrition ointment syringe is in direct contact with the medicine, and its sterility must be guaranteed. The packaging should be produced in a clean workshop that meets national or industry standards. If pharmaceutical companies have higher requirements for sterility, they can be sterilized by ethylene oxide or irradiation.

2. Airtightness: The airtightness of the pet nutrition ointment syringe is very important. If the seal is not tight, it will easily lead to the pollution and deterioration of the medicine, which will affect the health of the pet and damage the brand image. According to the standard requirements, inject half of the water into the syringe, insert the piston into the syringe, remove the protective cap, remove the residual air, and then block it with the protective cap, and apply an axial pressure of 30N on the push rod rubber plug inside the syringe through the push rod , Keep for thirty seconds, there should be no leakage at the seal of the protective cap and the seal of the piston.

Sterility and airtightness are two of the more important quality standards for pet nutrition ointment dispensers. In addition, attention should be paid to factors such as the appearance of the packaging and the compatibility of the piston and the push rod.

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