The importance of doing a good job in recycling veterinary plastic bottles

Jun. 02, 2021

Veterinary plastic bottles account for a large proportion of veterinary medicine packaging, and some powders, injections and other medicines will choose this kind of packaging. With the increase in market demand, the environmental pollution caused by waste bottles has become increasingly prominent, and it is imperative to do a good job in recycling.

The importance of doing a good job in recycling veterinary plastic bottles

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Veterinary medicine plastic bottles are widely used in veterinary stations or animal hospitals, but most of them are not effectively treated after use. The biggest hazard of these packaging wastes is the infectiousness caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The pathogenic bacteria and viruses contained in them are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times that of ordinary household waste, and they have been listed as 47 categories in the "National Hazardous Waste List". The first place among wastes, if not handled properly, will become the source of epidemics of animal diseases and even human diseases.
Recycling waste veterinary drug plastic bottles and making full use of recycled materials, and developing a plastic recycling economy can not only effectively reduce the social environmental burden and save resources, but also an inevitable way to prevent veterinary drug plastic bottles from becoming pathogens. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, a good environment has been created for the recycling of plastics.
At present, many regions have formulated relevant policies for the recycling of agricultural and veterinary drug packaging. For example, Baoding City, Hebei Province has developed a "deposit recovery model". Among the pilot counties and cities, Anguo City has a recovery rate of 85.42%, which is effective. Qinghai City vigorously promotes the pilot work of recycling and disposal of pesticide and veterinary drug packaging waste, promotes the recycling and centralized disposal of pesticide and veterinary drug packaging waste, and protects the safety of agricultural production in the province and the ecological environment of rural pastoral areas.
Recycling veterinary medicine plastic bottles is a basic need to protect the environment, and it is also an effective measure to avoid secondary pollution and affect the health of animals and even humans.

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