Application of pet syringe in paste pet insect repellent

Jun. 02, 2021

Parasitic disease is a common disease in the growth process of pets, which can cause pets to lose weight. It may also be accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, coughing, itchy skin, and dull hair, which affect the healthy growth of pets. Regularly deworming pets has become a daily routine for every pet owner. Among many pet repellents, paste repellents in the form of pet feeding syringe packages have gradually gained the favor of the market.

Application of pet syringe in paste pet insect repellent

15ml pet syringe

At present, there are many types of pet repellents on the market, with different dosage forms, including tablets, drops, sprays, pastes and other types. Depending on the dosage form of the medicine, the packaging is also different. Among them, the paste-like anthelmintic is mainly used in pet syringe packaging. This kind of packaging is a new type of packaging that fills the medicine into the packaging in advance, and has storage and feeding functions at the same time.

Application of pet syringe in paste pet insect repellent

dial a dose syringe

The dosage of the drug is a major factor that affects the therapeutic effect of the drug. If the dosage is too small, the therapeutic effect will not be achieved, and the dosage is too large to be harmful to animal health. The dose of anthelmintic is generally determined by the weight of the pet. The pet syringe is packaged with a specific scale on the push rod and is equipped with a slidable positioning ring to make the dose of the drug more accurate. In addition, this kind of cream medicine can achieve dual anthelmintic effects in vivo and in vitro through oral administration, which is favored by pet owners.
Whether it is from the convenience of use or the accuracy of the dosage, the paste repellent in the form of a pet feeding syringe package meets the needs of the market. It should be noted that cats and dogs that are often outdoors should be dewormed four times a year (deworming once every quarter) to ensure the healthy growth of pets.

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