Choose high-quality equine syringes like this

Jun. 04, 2021

The quality of the packaging is a key factor that affects the stability of the drug. The high-quality packaging is not only flawless in the overall appearance, but also should meet the storage needs of the drug in terms of the functionality of the packaging. The equine syringes are mainly used in dairy cow mastitis, pet nutrition ointment, horse oral paste medicine, then, how to choose this kind of packaging to ensure its quality?

Choose high-quality equine syringes like this

60ml horse syringe

The veterinary syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. There are many packaging components, and any negligence on any one side may cause the product quality to fail and affect the storage of the drug. The choice of filling device packaging can be judged by the following aspects:
1. Sealability: The medicines in this kind of packaging are mostly liquid or paste type, and the sealability determines whether it will leak. You can add half of the water (or colored solution) to the needle tube, match the push rod to drive out the air, make sure that there is no air in it, wear a protective cap, and use the push rod to apply an axial pressure of 30N on the push rod piston for 30 seconds , There should be no leakage at the seal of the protective cap and the seal of the piston.

Choose high-quality equine syringes like this

dial a dose syringe

2. Lubricity: This factor mainly investigates whether the push rod and piston can move smoothly during use without sudden pauses. If the two do not cooperate well, it will cause a bad experience for users, which will affect the reputation of the product.
3. As a packaging container in direct contact with drugs, veterinary syringe must ensure their sterility, and should generally be produced in a clean workshop that meets national standards. In addition, if pharmaceutical companies have higher requirements for packaging sterility, they can be sterilized by ethylene oxide or cobalt 60 irradiation before the packaging leaves the factory.
The above are several factors that need to be paid attention to when selecting high-quality veterinary equine syringes. Others include material requirements such as inspection of packaged ignition residues, eluates, decolorization experiments, and abnormal toxicity of ethylene oxide residues.

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