Syirnge packaging can improve the competitiveness of pet nutrition cream

Aug. 05, 2021

In the context of an aging population and an increase in singles, pets have been found in almost every family. Pet nutrition cream is a must-have item for families with pets, and the market competition is fierce. How to gain an advantage in the competition, syringe packaging may be able to help manufacturers.

Syirnge packaging can improve the competitiveness of pet nutrition cream

15ml syringe for pets supplement

Most people keep pets not for economic purposes, but for spiritual satisfaction. Pets have become an important member of the family, so pet owners also pay more attention to quality in the choice of pet supplies. Pet nutrition cream is an easy to digest and practical quick-replenishing nutrient, which can help pets absorb the nutrients needed by the body more comprehensively and adequately. The prevalence of the pet economy has led many companies to enter the pet industry and want to get a share of the pie, but the pet market is mixed, and only high-quality products can be favored by pet owners.
At present, there are many pet nutrition paste products on the market, and the packaging is mostly aluminum-plastic tubes in the form of toothpaste. This type of packaging is actually not conducive to the scientific feeding of pets. The dosage of each feeding depends on the feeling. Moreover, the aluminum-plastic tube is easily bitten by pets, causing excessive consumption of nutrient cream. The paste syringe is a package that has both storage and feeding functions. The syringe is processed from polyethylene raw materials and is not easy to be bitten. Open the protective cap when in use, adjust the positioning ring to a suitable dose, and feed directly, which is helpful for the scientific feeding of pets and is favored by many pet owners.
Pet nutrition creams are similar in composition, so pet owners will pay more attention to the product experience when choosing. The packaging of syringe is convenient to use and reduces pollution, which can improve the market competitiveness of products and give enterprises a certain advantage in the market.

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