Application of Plastic Syringe in Lubricating Grease

Aug. 04, 2021

With the diversification of packaging functions, plastic syringes, a new type of packaging that can store medicines and have injection functions, are gradually being applied to more and more industries. It can be used not only to store medicines, but also as grease package of.

Application of Plastic Syringe in Lubricating Grease

10ml gel syringe

Lubricating grease is a thick, grease-like semi-solid, mainly composed of mineral oil (or synthetic lubricating oil) and thickening agent. It is used in the friction part of the machine to play the role of lubrication and sealing. It is also used on the metal surface to fill the gap and prevent rust. Such as lubrication pumps, mixers, electrical connectors, joints, terminals, switch devices, valves, knives, fishing reels, bows and arrows, etc. can all be lubricated with grease.
The plastic syringe is composed of a sleeve, a push rod, a piston, and a protective cap. Clean the surface before use, open the protective cap, gently push the push rod, and apply a small amount of grease to the location where you want to lubricate the part, and wipe it off Excess parts to avoid soiling and contaminating the surrounding area. Compared with lubricants in the form of drops, this kind of grease can be used to accurately control the dosage without causing excessive lubrication. It is an efficient packaging form.
With the rapid development of science and technology, people's requirements for packaging not only focus on aesthetics, but also have higher requirements for functionality. Compared with some ordinary packaging such as aluminum-plastic tubes and drop bottles, plastic veterinary syringes have unique advantages, such as accurate dosage, reduced pollution, and convenient use, which are the main reasons for the continuous expansion of its application range.

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