See the use of veterinary syringe from specifications

Apr. 06, 2021

The veterinary syringe is a kind of special packaging in veterinary medicine. It fills the medicine in the syringe in advance, and has the functions of medicine storage and injection. It is directly injected when used, which is convenient and quick, and avoids the possibility of contamination in the intermediate link. The types of drugs used in the plastic syringe can be seen from its own specifications.

See the use of veterinary syringe from specifications

paste syringe

At present, the common product specifications of veterinary syringe include 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml and other specifications. Among them, small-size perfusion devices are mainly used for dairy cow mastitis drugs. The treatment effect is remarkable in the diseased area. It can also be applied to the packaging of anti-cockroach medicines, mainly paste-like bait medicines. Packaging through the SYRINGE can make the application method more convenient and meet the needs of small and more points.

Medium-sized paste syringe packaging is mostly used for the packaging of pet nutrition cream, such as 10ml, 20ml, 30ml. This type of infusion device generally adopts a thick head design, which is more suitable for pet feeding needs. The 30ml package can also print scales according to needs. The positioning ring is used to make pet feeding more scientific.

Large-format intramammary packaging is generally used for uterine perfusion drugs. The thick head design is mostly 30ml and 60ml, with graduations. This packaging operation is simple and less irritating to dairy cows. At the same time, it can reduce drug pollution. Safe and effective.

The above are the applications of common specifications of veterinary infusion devices. The current applications are mainly concentrated in dairy cow mastitis drugs, pet nutrition creams, cockroach drugs, and uterine infusion drugs. Whether it can be applied to more fields in the future will depend on market demand set.

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