Application of double-neck bottle in disinfectant packaging

Apr. 07, 2021

Disinfectant is almost a necessary cleaning product for every family, and it is widely used in agriculture, medical treatment, animal husbandry and other fields. Disinfectants need to be diluted before they can be used. The veterinary packaging is mostly plastic bottles. In order to facilitate the control of the dilution ratio in use, a two neck bottle with a quantitative function has gradually become the first choice for disinfectant packaging.

Application of double-neck bottle in disinfectant packaging

twin neck bottle

Most disinfectants are corrosive at high concentrations and can damage the environment, objects, and animal mucous membranes. Especially for animal mucosa, the volatilization of high-concentration disinfectants will cause mucosal damage, resulting in mucosal congestion, bleeding, and local ulceration. Therefore, the dilution concentration of the disinfectant is related to the disinfection effect. The higher the concentration, the better, the appropriate dilution ratio can minimize the adverse effects on the human body and the environment.

Application of double-neck bottle in disinfectant packaging

1000ml twin neck dispnsing bottle

In view of the importance of the dilution ratio of the disinfectant, it is generally necessary to control the specific concentration with the help of a measuring cup. In order to be convenient to use, packaging manufacturers have developed a two-neck bottle packaging that combines storage and quantitative functions in combination with the actual needs of the market. This kind of packaging adopts two bottle mouth designs, namely the bottle mouth of the quantitative bottle with marking and the bottle mouth for storing disinfectant. When using, open the cap of the quantitative bottle and gently squeeze the bottle body to make the appropriate amount of disinfectant enter the quantitative bottle. Pour the amount of disinfectant into the dilution container according to the usage amount. This method of use reduces the intermediate steps of pouring the disinfectant into the measuring cup, and can reduce waste while being convenient to use.

At present, two-neck bottles have been widely used in the packaging of animal nutrition solutions, disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, etc., and consumers are more willing to choose such convenient packaging when purchasing drugs.

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