Treatment of mastitis in dairy cows with plastic syringe

Jan. 19, 2021

Dairy cow mastitis is one of the most troublesome diseases for dairy farmers. It has the characteristics of high incidence and easy recurrence, and local administration to the diseased area of the breast through the plastic syringe is considered to be one of the more effective treatment methods. What should be paid attention to during the administration process?

Treatment of mastitis in dairy cows with plastic syringe

5ml cow mastitis syringe

Dairy cow mastitis is different from other diseases, and the affected area is more special, so you should be more cautious when administering the drug through the intramammary syringe. The infusion should strictly follow the following procedures:

1. Squeeze the milk from the breast first, quickly bathe the nipple, and dry the liquid on the nipple with a sterile towel or paper towel;

2. Disinfect the nipple with an alcohol cotton ball, one cotton ball only disinfects one nipple, disinfect the outer pair of nipples first;

3. To infuse the medicine, start with a pair of nipples on the inner side. To avoid infection, one needle can only be used on one nipple;

4. Do not insert the nipple too deep into the nipple tube, just 6 cm, and massage the breast after infusion;

5. At the end of the perfusion, take a nipple bath again.

Special attention should be paid to the use of fingers to gently twist the nipple tube for a while during the perfusion massage, and hold the breast to gently massage upwards 10 times in order to force the liquid to rise slowly and fully contact the breast alveoli. In order to keep the medicine in the breast as long as possible, infusion can be performed after milking in the evening. But when the cow is suffering from fibrinous mastitis, purulent mastitis, hemorrhagic mastitis, cellulitis mastitis or breast abscess and necrosis, breast massage is strictly prohibited.

The use of a veterinary syringe for intramammary antibiotic treatment is a thorough chemical disinfection process. The drug can directly act on pathogens in the milk pond and has a significant therapeutic effect. It has become a simple and effective method commonly used in the treatment of cow mastitis at home and abroad. treatment method.

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