How to put cockroach-killing glue bait through plastic syringe

Jul. 13, 2021

Cockroaches are one of the four major pests, which have the characteristics of rapid reproduction, which seriously affect people's lives. Cockroach-killing glue bait is a new type of poisonous bait medicine. Using the advantages of plastic veterinary syringe packaging, it can achieve the purpose of eradicating cockroaches. Then how to use this kind of glue bait?

How to put cockroach-killing glue bait through plastic syringe

cocoroach syringe

Cockroach-killing glue bait is a new type of poison bait, which is made of various organic or inorganic glues as a matrix and added with effective ingredients for killing cockroaches. This medicine has no odor, has an attractiveness of up to 20cm, and is safe and harmless to humans and pets. Generally, it can reach the characteristic of infecting the whole litter after eating, and achieve the purpose of completely eradicating cockroaches. It is used in many cockroach medicines. A convenient and effective medicine.

How to put cockroach-killing glue bait through plastic syringe

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The packaging of the anti-cockroach bait is a plastic syringe, which is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, and a protective cap, which has the advantages of convenient use and reduced pollution. When in use, open the protective cap, push the push rod, and directly put the glue bait on the stove, cabinet, drawer and other places where cockroaches frequent. When distributing the medicine, follow the principle of "smaller amount and more", and one point every 15-20 cm Point, the place where cockroach damage is serious can increase the distribution point. After dispensing the medicine, if the medicine is not used up, the protective cap of the veterinary syringeneeds to be re-capped to ensure the tightness of the package.
The needle of the plastic syringe is relatively thin and can reach the gaps, corners and other places that are not easy to wipe off. As long as there is a glue bait, it will generally be effective within two years. It should be noted that the application time should be as far as possible between 8:00-9:00 in the evening. This time is the peak period for cockroaches to come out for food, which has a better effect of killing cockroaches.

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