syringe factory usher in opportunities due to increased pet nutrition

Jul. 12, 2021

With the increasing trend of population aging and the increasing single population, the number of pet owners continues to grow. As a rigidly-needed item, the market demand for pet nutrition cream has also increased, and the syringe factory will also welcome opportunities while the industry is developing rapidly.

syringe factory usher in opportunities due to increased pet nutrition

syringe for pet feeding

Pet nutrition cream is a kind of quick tonic nutrition that is easy to digest and absorb and is very practical. It is mainly suitable for developmental stage, old age, disease recovery period, malnutrition, pregnancy and lactation, low immunity, chronic disease, weaning period. For pets with picky eaters and partial eclipses, in order to enhance their pet’s resistance, pet owners generally stock nutrient creams at home.
At present, there are two packaging forms for pet nutrition paste packaging in the market: toothpaste type and syringe. Relatively speaking, toothpaste type packaging is easy to be bitten by pets, resulting in excessive consumption of nutrient paste, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of pets. In addition, this kind of packaging is easy to shrink and cause secondary pollution. The syringe is a new type of packaging that has both storage and feeding functions. The syringe design is not easy to bite. When feeding, open the protective cap and push the push rod, which is convenient to use and reduces pollution. It can also print scales on the push rod according to the needs of pharmaceutical companies, and use it with the positioning ring to make the dosage of the nutritional cream more accurate.
On the whole, the pet nutrition cream packaged by the syringe is convenient to use, reduces unnecessary pollution, and is gradually favored by more and more pet owners. As the number of pet owners increases, veterinary syringe manufacturers will usher in new developments opportunity.

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