Pet nutrition cream in the form of syringe has become a trend

Jul. 14, 2021

Pet nutrition cream is a standing item for families with pets. It is mainly suitable for cats and dogs in frail elderly, post-operative postpartum, lactation and after strenuous exercise. With the increase in the number of pet owners, people have higher requirements for the packaging of pet nutrition cream, and the packaging in the form of a dial a dose syringe is favored by pet owners and has become a trend.

Pet nutrition cream in the form of syringe has become a trend

15 ml syringe for pets feeding

At present, there are two main types of pet nutrition paste packaging on the market. One is the aluminum-plastic tube packaging similar to toothpaste. This type of packaging needs to squeeze the tube body when feeding pets. If the extruded paste is not consumed, it will easily retract again. Inside the tube, it causes secondary pollution to unused drugs. In addition, the tubular packaging is also easy to be bitten by pets, causing excessive consumption, which is not conducive to the health of pets.

Pet nutrition cream in the form of syringe has become a trend

60ml equine horse syringe

Another packaging of pet nutrition cream is in the form of a syringe. This packaging is made of polymer materials and includes five parts: tube sleeve, push rod, piston, protective cap, and positioning ring. It can not only store medicines, but also provide feeding Function. By opening the protective cap, the push rod can be directly fed to the pet, and it is not easy to be bitten. For companies with special requirements, such packaging can also be used with a scale printed on the push rod and used with a positioning ring to make the amount of nutritional cream more accurate.
Compared with the two types of packaging, the veterinary syringe package is more convenient to use, can reduce pollution, and can control the dosage of the nutritional cream. Pet owners are more inclined to choose the nutritional cream in the form of the syringe package.

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