Precautions before and after veterinary vaccination

Mar. 19, 2021

In the development of animal husbandry, animal epidemic prevention is the top priority to ensure the benefits of breeding. The correct use of veterinary vaccines to ensure the immune effect can effectively avoid the occurrence of immune diseases. Vaccine vials also play an important role with inflammation. In practical applications, farmers often ignore some small problems during veterinary vaccination, but they do not know that these small problems are likely to make the immunization work fall short.

Precautions before and after veterinary vaccination

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Precautions before vaccination:

Vaccinating animals is a tedious and arduous task. No details should be overlooked. Once a livestock is infected with a disease, it will quickly spread to the entire farm, and even cause serious economic losses to the breeding industry in the area. Before vaccination for veterinary use, the vaccine name, specification, production date and other information should be carefully checked. Once the vaccine bottle leaks, the vaccine is demulsified, there is a foreign body or the vaccine has expired, it should not be used and immediately treated in a harmless manner. Appropriate equipment should be selected according to the immunization method, such as syringes, needles, tweezers, droppers, diluting bottles, etc. All tools should be strictly disinfected to avoid cross-infection.

Precautions after vaccination:

The immunization work is carried out in strict accordance with the vaccine usage method. It usually takes 5-15 days to produce antibodies after the completion of the vaccination. The environmental hygiene should be strictly controlled to avoid infection before the immunity is produced. Some vaccines may cause desensitization reactions. Carefully observe the status of livestock within 1-2 days after the completion of vaccination to avoid death due to severe desensitization reactions. The remaining empty vaccine bottles and other immunization equipment after vaccination should be collected and incinerated or centralized for harmless treatment to avoid secondary pollution caused by littering.

Doing a good job in animal immunization is the basis for promoting the healthy development of animal husbandry. Farms must not be negligent in the process of animal immunization to ensure the effectiveness of animal immunization and the promotion of economic benefits of breeding. Vaccine bottle manufacturers must strictly control the quality of veterinary packaging and ensure the stability of the vaccine in storage.

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