How to ensure vaccine stability

Mar. 18, 2021

Animal diseases have always been an important factor hindering the development of animal husbandry. Early immunization through vaccines has become an effective means to reduce morbidity and improve breeding efficiency. Choosing high-quality vaccine bottles has become the key to veterinary drug packaging companies to ensure the safety and stability of vaccines. High-quality vaccine bottles are mainly controlled from the following aspects:

How to ensure vaccine stability

vaccine bottle

Vaccine bottle size: The size of the bottle includes the inner diameter of the mouth, the outer diameter of the mouth, the diameter, and the height. These factors are related to the overall tightness of the bottle and the difficulty of opening the bottle cap. Therefore, the size is the primary factor in the quality control of the vaccine bottle.

Vaccine bottle appearance: The appearance of the bottle should be full, free of impurities, no burrs, uniform color, and the arc of the bottle edge and the roundness of the bottle body should be suitable, and there should be no thin or thick phenomenon. The appearance control has a lot to do with the production technology and quality control of pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers. Suppliers with leading technology and strict quality management systems can guarantee the appearance of vaccine bottles.

Vaccine bottle material: The material of the bottle must meet the drug characteristics of the vaccine. If the pharmaceutical company needs terminal sterilization, try to use polypropylene material, which has better high temperature resistance; if the pharmaceutical company has requirements for transparency, you can choose poly Vinyl material, this material can be made into translucent vaccine bottles.

The quality of vaccine vials is related to the safety and stability of veterinary vaccines, which in turn affects the immune effect of animals. It is of great significance to the healthy and stable development of my country’s animal husbandry. Pharmaceutical companies should not only consider cost issues when choosing vaccine vials. Check the product quality.

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