Prevention and treatment of common dairy cow diseases is still the focus

Mar. 22, 2021

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the people's awareness of the consumption of dairy products is getting stronger and stronger, which in turn promotes the development of the entire dairy industry. The dairy farming industry is at the upstream of the dairy industry chain, and good management of the farms is the basis for ensuring the healthy development of the dairy industry. Promoted by various large-scale breeding policies, the prevention of dairy cow diseases is still an important factor restricting the development of dairy cattle breeding.

Prevention and treatment of common dairy cow diseases is still the focus

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The large-scale breeding model has promoted the improvement of the informatization, automation, and intelligence of dairy cow breeding, and the breeding efficiency has also improved. However, common diseases such as dairy cow mastitis and endometritis occur frequently, which seriously affects the economic benefits of farms. Mastitis can cause inflammation and swelling of the cow's mammary glands, which greatly reduces milk production. Endometritis occurs mostly after delivery, which can cause reproductive problems in dairy cows, increase the empty time of dairy cows, and cause a huge loss of milk production at the same time. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent and control common dairy cow diseases.

The causes of cow mastitis and endometritis are closely related to the environment of the cow house. Farms should pay attention to the timely cleaning of feces in peacetime, and clean and disinfect the environment of the cow house to reduce the incidence. On the other hand, pay attention to observe the basic condition of dairy cows, and find that effective treatment measures should be taken promptly after the onset of the disease. For example, medication through the perfusion device has a good cure effect in the application of dairy cow mastitis and endometritis.

At present, the consumption demand of China's milk market is still expanding, so the future development of my country's dairy cattle breeding industry is still considerable. Large-scale breeding is the only way for the development of dairy cattle breeding. Doing a good job in the prevention and treatment of common diseases can fundamentally improve the economic benefits of breeding. Veterinary syringe will also play an important role in the treatment of common diseases in dairy cows.

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