Plastic vaccine vials compared with glass vials

Dec. 04, 2020

Many veterinary vaccine medicine is packed by glass vials now, and also more and more animal health factory begin to choose plastic vials to instead of glass vials, the follwing is a compare between two vials.

Plastic vaccine vials compared with glass vialsFirst, plastic vaccine vial is unbreakable duringe transportation process

Second, Plastic vaccine vial don’t need to clean, dry and finish the bottle before filling, which can reduce costs and save time.

Third, produced in GMP workshop

Fourth, vacuum typesetting packaging

Fifth, excellent seal

Sixth, various sterilization methods, like EO or autoclaved from 100 degree to 120 degree before filling 30 minutes

Seventh, plastic vaccine vials are more light then glass

Eighth, offer invisible anti-counterfeiting to keep brand security

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