Leaking vaccine bottle

Dec. 07, 2020

To ensure the immune effect of the vaccine, you must be cautious when choosing the packaging. If the vaccine bottle leaks, it is largely related to the tightness of the bottle cap.

Leaking vaccine bottleAlthough the cap of the vaccine bottle is only a part of the sealed container, its tightness is very important to the validity period and safety of the vaccine. Generally, vaccine bottles will be sealed with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. The rubber stoppers are chlorinated butyl rubber stoppers or bromobutyl rubber stoppers. The properties of the two materials are similar. The bromobutyl rubber stoppers have slightly lower heat resistance. After the rubber stopper is in contact with the drug, it is not easy to cause wall hanging and opalescence. The aluminum cover has strong tensile strength, and the mechanical pressure sealing is very good. It is easy to understand and easy to understand. The use of rubber plug aluminum cover can achieve good sealing performance.

If the vaccine bottle leaks, it is largely because the sealing performance of the aluminum cap of the rubber stopper has not reached the standard. It is necessary to consider whether the inner stopper has left a suitable and sealing tolerance space that meets the standard. There is also an audit of the supplier. Check whether there are problems with the mold, and whether the production and inspection process strictly meets the standards.

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