Pet Nutritional Cream Applicator

Feb. 23, 2022

Pet scientific feeding has become a trend. The pet nutrition cream applicator is a new type of packaging, and its special design makes scientific feeding no longer far away.

Scientific pet feeding is a macro concept. It is not only the daily diet and health of pets, but also the accuracy of drug dosage. Pet nutrition ointment is a kind of medicine that is always prepared by pet families. It has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, and can quickly supplement the nutrition needed by pets.

Pet Nutritional Cream Applicator

dial a dose syringe 30ml

Pet Nutritional Cream Applicator

15ml pets syringe

Some pet owners often do not pay attention to the specific dosage when feeding their pets nutritional cream, which is prone to problems such as overfeeding. The pet nutrition cream applicator is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a protective cap and a positioning ring. The push rod is printed with a standard scale. Calculate the required dose before feeding, slide the positioning ring to the specified scale, and then push the push rod. The lever will stop when it reaches the positioning ring. This feeding method can well control the intake of pet drugs and realize the scientific feeding of pets on drugs.

The special design of the pet nutrition creamapplicator not only facilitates the operation of pet owners, but also accurately controls the dosage of drugs. As an important packaging form, it is also loved by many pet owners.

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