Accuracy of veterinary syringe

Dec. 08, 2020

How to ensure the accuracy of the veterinary syringe?

Given that the accuracy of drug dosage is so important, veterinary drug companies can judge the accuracy of the infusion device through the following aspects: First, we need to observe whether the appearance of the product is complete, the tube wall is uniform and flawless, and the inner wall of the sleeve is smooth and without ripples Shape and appearance are the basis for ensuring the accuracy of the volume.

Accuracy of veterinary syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

Secondly, it is necessary to check the tightness of the product. If the tightness is not good, it is easy to cause liquid leakage, then the accuracy of the liquid medicine cannot be guaranteed. Half of the water can be injected into the syringe, the piston is inserted into the plastic syringe, the protective cap is removed, the remaining air is removed, and then the protective cap is used to block it. The push rod applies an axial pressure of 30N on the push rod rubber plug inside the syringe to maintain three After ten seconds, there is no leakage at the seal of the protective cap and the seal of the piston.

Finally, pay attention to whether the volume scale is printed on the push rod of the horse syringe, so that the dosage of the medicine can be seen more intuitively, and the positioning ring is used during use to effectively ensure the accuracy of the dosage.

Under the current animal breeding methods and conditions in my country, veterinary drugs play an important role in epidemic prevention and improvement of breeding efficiency. Veterinary drug companies should also pay attention to the accuracy of the horse syringe to control the dosage of the syringe to help breeding The improvement of household benefits will promote the healthy development of my country's animal husbandry.

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